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Human-centred AI

Female Artist Works on Abstract Oil Painting, Moving Paint Brush Energetically She Creates Modern Masterpiece. Dark Creative Studio where Large Canvas Stands on Easel Illuminated. Low Angle Close-up

Together, let’s create super-smart systems that benefit you and your customers

Discovering always, discovering.

End to end? Yes, and …

With our human-centred AI, design is alive and improvement ongoing.

Apps, algorithms, websites, more. We think strategically, we make holistically, and …

Launch is only the beginning. The AI kicks in. The learning begins. The customer experience adapts.

Our designs live and learn. To grow your business. To expand your brand.

We think and make as a triad. Chapeau! is three unified disciplines that work as one: experience design, data design, AI design.

Experience design

Deepening loyalty

The user interface — graphical or voice. Also known as the front end. What happens on the screen or speaker. How your customer interacts with you. How you touch them. The window to the head, heart and wallet. Brought to life by imagination, art and copy. Applied
creative Market research, strategy, interaction architecture, UI design, content creation, art, copy, function, flow
. Ever-deepened by data, ever-enhanced by AI.

Data design

Architecting insight

Your organization’s core asset
cared Strategy, business analysis, structure and aggregation, development, cloud-hosting, security, maintenance, mining
for and capitalized on. Information — theirs and yours — designed to yield. To return and reward. Integrated, secure, made to mine. And AI-ready. Data is the key. To the happiest customer experience (above). And the richest AI (below).

AI design

Enhancing engagement

The machine at its best. We call it Good AI. And no, it’s not an oxymoron. Our ethical algorithms grow your business and expand your brand. Now we’re full circle. Our human-centred AI deepens loyalty. It creates an ever-rich customer experience with data designed to keep things
current Natural language processing, machine learning, predictive modelling, neural networks, model validation

One for all, and all for one

The Chapeau! triad of design disciplines work for you as one. Creative. Caring. Current.

ExperienceArt and copy
design applies the creative.
DataCode and logic
design cares for your core asset.
AIMath and models
design keeps your brand current.
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