Grow revenue

Wow them!

They’re coming. Your guests are on the way back, booking in record numbers. The perfect time for Golden Key guest services, a mobile app that sells them what they want … and more.

Let’s make this a Golden year.

Help guests buy happy.

A Golden Key app will pull your guests to you by attracting them to your services and offerings, and closing the sales.
Upsell, cross-sell, impulse-sell. Room upgrades, spa sessions, happy hour. Dinner reservations, room service, special requests, leisure, sports. A Golden Key app makes service and sales easy for your guests and staff. Give guests personalized, direct service, and they’ll chat, book, order and buy at the tap of their phone. Friction-free revenue growth. Get Golden.
A Golden Key app will have your guests reaching for their phones. It’s an affinity agent and tie-in to your loyalty program. The perfect complement to your engaging, professional staff. The Golden Key will be made to deliver a holistic guest experience. Designed to wow. Seamless service and sales. Get Golden.
A Golden Key app gives you insights on your guests and what they love (and what they don’t). You’ll see the details: their behaviours, actions, timing, preferences, requests, messages, purchases and more. So, your staff moves from responding to guests to anticipating their desires. It’s outreach that gets smarter and smarter. L’invité est l’auberge. The guest is the inn. Get Golden.

Good as a Golden Key.
Operations that shine.

A Golden Key app will connect your staff to both your guests and you, making for operations that sync, service that sparkles and sales that soar.
A Golden Key app is the staff-friendly interface to your property’s digital systems. It will be designed to reduce cost, save time and optimize staff responsiveness in every way. A Golden Key app will plug into your ecosystem, so staff can provide seamless service with total focus on the personal touches and fine details that gratify your guests. Get Golden.
A Golden Key app is the guest-friendly interface to your establishment: rooms, services, amenities, restaurants, partners and more. It will be designed to help shape the visitor experience. With it, guests can easily connect to your many offerings, all clearly featured and linked. A Golden Key app will place the guest at the heart of your whole hospitality package. Guide guests to book and buy happy. Get Golden.

Seeing is buying.

Show your goods and boost suggestive sales.

A Golden Key app will show off the treasures and pleasures you have to offer your guests. It makes booking and buying as easy as touching and tapping. A Golden Key app links your offerings, so it’s easy to move across a spectrum of suggestions, and just as easy for a guest to look and book, and buy and share, straight from their phone. And a Golden Key app can help a staff member follow up on searches, suggestions and sales before, during and after a stay. Get Golden.

The guest experience that makes more. There’s an app for that. Golden Key.

From search to exit

Assist and support your guests all the way: before they book, on the way, and after they leave — so they can’t wait to get back.

Alluring amenities

Consolidate and connect all the happy you have to offer, so your guests will want it all — and come back for more.

Personalized room service

You know your guests and so will a Golden Key app that makes it quick and easy to get the things they want and prefer.

Smart directories

A Golden Key app will convert information on your facilities and the surroundings (nearby and regional), so what’s relevant to guests is literally at their fingertips.

Predictive communication

Easy two-way communication allows staff to serve and anticipate guest desires with immediacy and care. And in time, as a Golden Key app learns, service easily excels.

Wow your guests with Golden Key service.

Golden Key is the mobile app custom-made to extend your hospitality brand.