High North

Launching Canada’s first cannabis lab

High North is Canada’s first lab dedicated to cannabis
testing. They have a fully-digital facility with the world’s
most sophisticated Laboratory Information Management
System (LIMS). High North provides seamless account
setup, ordering, real-time tracking, test results and Health
Canada Certificate of Analysis. It’s a fully transparent
system that tests for 16 cannabinoids, 55 terpenes, 98
pesticides, USP 467, as well as microbials and heavy
metals. Turnaround time is usually 24 hours (and never
more than 48 hours). Chapeau! led the research and
implementation of the required technologies. High North’s
vision is reality. And Chapeau! is proud to have helped
make the dream come true.


Because LPs deserve state-of-the-art testing

Cannabis was about to be legalized. Strains had to be tested to receive a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) from Health Canada. The testing facilities across the country analyzed many plant products from all across the agriculture sector. So there was problem number 1: No testing facility was dedicated to cannabis. Problem number 2: The existing test process was also antiquated. It was paper-based. Canada’s Licenced Producers (LPs) would be waiting 30 days for their results — whether or not they passed for approval. We saw an opportunity. We knew we could do better. It was the genesis of High North.
High North mobile login webpage
High North login webpage
High North reports


With smooth, seamless data design

We made plans to create Canada’s first lab dedicated to cannabis testing. We’d use a state-of-the-art LIMS. All digital, no paper. We’d rapidly test all cannabinoids, turpenes, etc. with 100% accuracy. We’d accommodate hundreds or thousands of samples per day. We’d provide our clients with real-time status and full transparency. We’d supply a comprehensive, easy-to-read analysis. We’d automate the CoA process. We’d have a 24- to 48-hour turnaround from receipt of sample to CoA (or result, in the case of failed samples). And we’d hire Chapeau! who researched, stress-tested and found the perfect LIMS, customized the interface, designed the reports, architected the data flow and integrated the entire digital system. With Chapeau! we designed and developed a seamless, 5-step process, from client onboarding through CoA — with order placement, real-time tracking and results output in between. The data engineers and visual designers at Chapeau! delivered. And they did it in 6 months!

So what?

So, Canada’s got cannabis testing right as rain

Full circle. We did it. High North Labs was the first. Our cannabis-only Canadian test facility is arguably the best on the planet. And now LPs, investors, lenders as well as end-customers can make informed and timely decisions on futures, crops, processing, sales and purchases. Cannabis is one of the most innovative industries in North America. And now Canada has a lab to match. With much thanks to Chapeau!
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Data points per strain


Hours to completeTest results usually provided within 24 hours vs industry standard of 30 days!


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